I am using StartApp for one of my apps on Google Play Store after the Admob codes were disabled.

Picture says a thousand words. Is StartApp good for you or not ?

See the revenue report below.

StartApp Revenue Report for a Month

For 16,028 clicks, I get $25. I say : StartApp is not Pay Per Clicks. And not Pay Per Install.
StartApp says : Revenue share.

So, before using StartApp, this fact may help you to decide. Take it or leave it.

In the StartApp FAQs page, about StartApp :
StartApp is a Mobile Advertising Platform aiming to deal with the two main concerns of the mobile industry today: the monetization challenge that application developers face when trying to generate substantial revenue from their applications, and application distribution – earning a substantial number of downloads worldwide.
When asked about "How much does StartApp pay?" Here is the answer :
Revenue share – This means that we pay you a substantial part of what we are earning from advertisers in return for the ads shown in your application. The more times they are shown and the higher the interaction from your users – the more money you will earn at the end of the month.